Authory is the perfect place to aggregate (and back up) all the content that you create. And it's the perfect place to pitch and share your content, too.

However, not all content that you want to aggregate is content that you necessarily want to share with others.

Example: Authory supports both importing articles and importing content from Twitter. Many customers use Authory to manage all the articles they've published, and get a searchable backup of their Twitter content, too. At the same time, many want their articles to appear on their portfolio but not their Twitter content.

Luckily, Authory has been designed so that you can easily set what you want to share and what not. Here is how:

1. By default, everything in your Authory account is private

All content that is imported to your Authory account will be available in your Content section. It's like an email inbox, just for your content, with the newest piece always appearing at the top. This section is available to you only, nobody else.

2. If you want to share your content with others, you'll need to add it to a collection

You can do that manually ("I want to add this article to Collection X") or automatically ("I want to add all articles from source X to Collection Y). Here is a quick guide.

3. If you want your content to appear on your portfolio, you need to add the collection to your portfolio

Once your content has been added to a collection, you can either share the collection directly, or add the collection to your portfolio.

If you don't want your social media content to appear on your portfolio...

Coming back to the example from above, if you don't want to share your Twitter/Facebook/YouTube content with others, simply make sure it's not part of any collection that you've shared or added to your portfolio. Then you'll be the only one with access to your backed up social media content.

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