When you share a collection with others, or when you share your portfolio, there are two options of what happens if those visitors click on a preview of a content item in your collection:

  1. Either they’ll be forwarded to the item at its original publication

  2. Or they’ll be forwarded to the copy of the original item that’s stored in your Authory account.

There are different use cases for both options: For some content items, you want the visitors to see the original when they click the preview in a collection, for others you want the visitor to see the copy on Authory.

What happens if a visitor clicks the preview is determined by the Collection Link settings. You can adjust these settings in three different ways:

1. All content items from a source

In your Source settings you’ll find a dropdown for each source that enables you to set the Visitor Link Settings for all content items that come from this source.

<a href="https://downloads.intercomcdn.com/i/o/535654219/2cc78a054bc7583dcc259c92/image.png" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer">https://downloads.intercomcdn.com/i/o/535654219/2cc78a054bc7583dcc259c92/image.png</a>

Whatever you select here will be a global setting, meaning it applies to all content items from this source in all your collections. By default, all your sources are set to “Link to original”.

Example: If “Link to original” is selected for the source TechCrunch, then all content items that come from TechCrunch will link to the original content at techcrunch.com if they are part of a Collection that you shared or are on your portfolio.

This means that for collections that consists of content items from different sources, one content item can forward to the original while another one in the same collection can forward to the copy on Authory. It all depends on the settings you select for the respective source.

Impact: Changes in the source settings apply to all content items from the source in all collections.

2. Single content items

By default, the Collection Link settings are determined by the settings for the source (see above). However, you can adjust the Collection Link settings for specific content items.

Let’s say you want all content items from a source to link out to the original pieces if they are shared as part of a collection, but there is a single content item that’s not available anymore at the source so you want that to link to your copy on Authory.

Simply go to the respective content item and enable the setting by selecting "Link to Original" in the sidebar (you'll find the dropdown in the Share panel).

Impact: Changes on the content item level apply to the respective content item in all collections.

3. Special case: Overwriting the Collection Link settings in a specific collection

Within a collection, you can overwrite the existing Collection Link settings for all content items by enabling “Always link to copy” in the Share panel in the sidebar menu of the respective collection.

This means that all items in the respective collection will link to the copy on Authory, no matter what the Collection Link settings are in the source settings or the content item settings. Note that this setting only applies to the specific collection where you enabled it.

Impact: Changes in the Collection settings apply to all content items in that collection but only as part of the collection.

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