Authory provides you with a built-in newsletter system. Our system automatically generates a beautiful digest email containing links to your most recent content, so you don’t ever need to worry about having to create a newsletter manually.

When will my digest email be sent?

In your Newsletter settings, you can decide whether the digest should be sent on a daily or weekly basis and at what time of the day it should go out.

How can I add subscribers to my newsletter?

There are two ways for you to add subscribers:

  1. On your Portfolio page, you can enable the toggle “Email subscribe” that you’ll find in the Customize panel in the sidebar. A button will appear in the bottom right corner of your portfolio allowing anybody interested following your work to leave their email address. Once the subscriber has confirmed the initial double opt-in email that we send, they’ll appear in the list of your subscribers.

  2. In your Subscriber settings, you’ll find a button that’s label “Add subscribers”. This will open a new window with a text field where you can copy&paste as many email addresses as you like (separated either by comma or by a new line). Note that any email address you add here will instantly be added to your subscribers, without any double opt-in.

How can I decide what goes into my newsletter?

In your Source settings, you’ll find a checkbox that enables you to decide for every single source that’s connected to your Authory account whether to include its content or not.

Will the the newsletter link to the original content piece or to the copy on Authory?

That depends on the settings for the respective source in your Source settings. If “Link to original” is selected, then the preview in your newsletter will open the piece at its original source. If “Link to content copy” is selected, then the preview in your newsletter will open the copy on Authory.

What email address does my newsletter come from?

Our system will send your newsletter from the email address You can decide what the display name (i.e. what will be displayed in the recipients' inboxes) should be in your Newsletter settings.

How can I see the replies to my newsletter?

In your Newsletter settings, you can enable replies to the email address that Authory sends your newsletter from to be forwarded to your personal email address. Note that your newsletter subscribers won’t be able to see your personal email address at any point in time.

Who owns the email addresses?

You do! It's important to note that legally speaking, your subscribers are 100% yours. We send them your email newsletters on your behalf, but you can download them anytime and move to any other service whenever you like. You are not locked in at all with the subscribers that you receive via Authory.

Is my newsletter GDPR ready?

Yes! In your Newsletter settings, you can create your own privacy policy and imprint.

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