You can add content to your Authory account by clicking the button “Add content” in your Content section.

There are four options for you to select from:

1. Automated import

The most convenient option is for our system to find and import your articles/videos/podcasts/posts automatically.

If you want us to import from a new outlet, simply add the domain and name here. It will be added as a source to your Authory account, and depending on your settings all past and/or future content from this source will be imported.

Our system will take up to 48h for the initial import and you’ll receive an email from us as soon as the imported content is in your account.

This works for all articles with your byline, and for all your content from YouTube, LinkedIn and your podcast series.

Supported content: Articles, posts, videos, podcasts

2. Manual import

You can add single items of content (e.g. one article, a single podcast episode etc.) by copy&pasting the URL of the respective piece. The importing will be instant, and our system won’t check for your name/bylines, meaning this is also ideal for importing ghostwritten content.

Supported content: Articles, posts, videos, podcasts, PDFs

3. Write content

If you’d like to add text or images to your Authory account that haven’t been published already/can’t be imported from elsewhere, then this option will forward you to our handy text editor. It’s like your own blog, but included in your Authory account.

4. Upload a PDF

If you have a PDF file on your local device that you’d like to add, hit this option.

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