The auto-update feature for your collections enables you to decide whether new content coming into your Authory account (based on your source settings or manually) will be added to the respective collection if it matches its rules.

Example: You create a collection with a source rule “” and a content type rule “Articles”, meaning it contains all articles from that are in your Authory account.

If you turn the auto-update toggle on, and a new article from comes into your Authory account in the future, then it’ll automatically be added to the collection.

If you turn auto-update off, then the content of your collection won’t change after you’ve initially created it.

You can enable/disable auto-updating by selecting “Content” in the sidebar settings of the respective collection and then clicking the toggle.

Note that auto-updating only has an effect on your collection if the collection has any rules. If you only added content manually, then changing this setting won’t have any effect.

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