Your Authory portfolio offers a number of different options to style it just the way you like it. You’ll find them by clicking the panel labeled “Customize” in the left sidebar settings in your Portfolio section.

There are three main options that have a big impact on what your portfolio looks like:

1. Cover picture

The cover can either be a picture from our database or one you upload yourself. Alternatively, you can switch the cover to be of a solid color of your choosing. Here are a few examples:

2. Header layout

Choose from the centered style which places your name, profile picture and bio on top of the cover, and the left-aligned style with a smaller header aligned to the left.

3. Content layout

There are four different options to display the content on your Portfolio. Switch them to see what fits your style best.

The three parameters above, cover image, header style and content style, can be combined to create an incredible wide variety of different styles. Here are a few examples of what the final result can be like:

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