With Authory you have your very own and fully automated newsletter: Simply decide on a daily or weekly frequency, and Authory will send your subscribers a beautiful digest with links to your most recent work.

There are two ways how you can add new subscribers:

1. On your Portfolio page

Simply enable “Email subscribe” in the Customize pane in the sidebar settings and you’ll see a scribe button appear in the bottom right corner of your Portfolio page.

Any visitor clicking this button will be able to leave their email address and thereby automatically become a new subscriber:

Note that all subscribers go through a double opt process, meaning they’ll receive an email initially that they need to confirm to become a subscriber of yours.

2. In your Newsletter section

You can add as many subscribers to your newsletter as you like by going to your Newsletter section and then selecting “Subscribers” in the sidebar.

You’ll find an “Add subscribers” above the chart on the right.

Click it and copy&paste the emails you’d like to add to your newsletter in the text field. Email addresses can be separated by a comma or new line.

Note that Authory doesn’t do any double opt-in process for these emails as they are coming from you already. Subscribers that you add here will be instantly added to your newsletter’s recipient list.

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