Whether you want a contact form or link out to a book you've written, the Highlight Button is the right choice.

The Highlight Button is a customizable button that is displayed on your portfolio page right below your bio. It allows you to offer visitors of your Authory page very specific actions.

In order to enable the Highlight Button, go to your Portfolio section and click the "Customize" panel in the sidebar. You'll find a toggle to active your Highlight Button.

Once activated, you can select the functionality and the label of the Highlight Button:

1. Contact form

Select this if you want to enable your visitors to get in touch via a contact form like this one:

All messages will be forwarded to the email address that you've signed up with. In order to make sure you won't receive any spam, the contact form has a CAPTCHA included. Also, you can choose freely what the button label should say (eg. "Contact me" or "Hire me" or "Email me").

2. Forward to URL

If selected, a click on the button will open a new browser window with a URL of your choosing. You can use this in any way you like: Link to your new book on Amazon or highlight your podcast or forward to your Patreon campaign...

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