Your Portfolio is like your very own homepage. You can determine what content will be displayed on your Portfolio by connecting one or more of your Collections.

Before we start, three quick things:

  • For your portfolio to be auto-updating with your new content, the collection(s) connected to your Portfolio need to have the auto-updating setting enabled.

  • Adding a collection to your portfolio means its content will be displayed on your portfolio. What this content will look like on your portfolio (grid layout, list layout etc) depends on the way you customize the style of your portfolio, not the way you customize your collection.

  • Whether visitors clicking the preview headlines on your portfolio will be forwarded to the content at its original publication or whether they will see the content copy from your Authory account, depends on your Collection Link Settings.

1. Adding a single collection

In order to add a collection, simply open the “Content” panel in your Portfolio section:

Click “Add collection” to select from one of your existing collections. The respective content will appear instantly on your Portfolio.

2. Adding multiple collections

If you add more than one collection, then the content of each collection will appear as a separate tab on your Portfolio.

A few things are important if you have more than one collection on your Portfolio:

  1. The content of the collection appearing at the top in the sidebar will be in the first tab and it will be what visitors of your Portfolio see by default.

  2. You can change the order of the tabs by changing the order of the collections in the Content panel in the sidebar. Simply drag and drop up or down. You’ll immediately see the respective tab on your Portfolio moving to the left or right.

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