Besides using collections for your personal archiving purposes, you can also share them with others (before you share a collection you might want to make it look good).

Here is how sharing works

Go to the respective collection and click the panel labeled “Share” in the sidebar:

Enable the toggle “Share to web” and you’ll see the public link to your collection that you can share now:

If you decide you don’t want others to have access to your collection anymore, then simple disable the “Share to web” toggle again. The public link that you shared before will then only forward to a page with a message saying the collection isn’t public.

How to change what happens if visitors click on your content

There are two options of what happens if visitors click on a preview of a content item in your collection:

  1. Either they’ll be forwarded to the item at its original publication

  2. Or they’ll be forwarded to the copy of the original item that’s stored in your Authory account.

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