Collections are the ideal way to curate your content, either for yourself or to share it with others. Below we’ve prepared a quick guide how collections work and how you can make the most out of them.

In order to create a new collection, go to your Collections overview and you’ll find a button label "Create collection" in the bottom left corner.

After entering a name and optionally a description, you’ll see your new collection but without any content yet.

You can add content to your new collection in two different ways:

1. Add content automatically

This is ideal if you want to add many items at once

In your collection view, you’ll find a Settings panel named “Content” in the left sidebar.

Open this panel and click “Add rules”. The follow window will open:

Now you can create rules that will populate your collection based on keywords, sources, types and publication dates. Example: You want your collection to contain all content items that:

  • Contain the keyword “Tesla”

  • Come from the source “TechCrunch”

  • Are of the content type “Article”

  • Have been published in 2021

Simply add the search term and select the remaining criteria from the drop downs, click “Save” and your collection will automatically and instantly be populated with all your content items that are a match. Done!

Good to know: Instead of creating an empty collection and then adding rules, you can also create an automated collection right from the Content overview section.

Auto-updating collections

By default, new content items coming into your Authory account (depending on your sources) will be added to a collection if they match the respective rules. You can turn this off by disabling “Auto update” in the sidebar:

2. Add content manually in bulk

This is ideal if you quickly want to add a hand-selected number of specific content items

Go to to your Content overview and apply the search/filters to find the content items you want to add to your new collection, then select the items by clicking the checkbox on the left.

A toolbar will open up at the bottom of then screen giving you the option to “Add to Collection”.

Click this link and a dropdown with the titles of all your collections will open up. Now select your new collection and all the items that you’ve selected will be added. Done!

Good to know: Instead of creating an empty collection and then adding items in bulk, you can also select icons in bulk and immediately turn them into a new collection.

3. Add content manually

You can also open the full view of any content item in your Authory account and add it to the collections of your choosing in the left Settings area.

Order/Sorting of content in your collections

The order of the items in your collection is reverse chronological. If you want to manually change the order and drag and drop items in your collection, then you’ll have to change the ordering to “Custom” (this feature is work in progress).

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