Your Authory account contains your entire body of work. That's great for a number of reasons: You have proof of being published, your articles are backed up, you get social media statistics, your email subscribers can easily follow you, and much more.

By default, your articles are displayed in reverse chronological order with the newest article at the top.

However, you might want to highlight your favourite piece(s) and make them stand out. There are two ways to do that:

1. Pin an article

Pinning an article means it will be displayed at the top of your article feed, all the time.

In order to pin an article, log in to your account and click the headline of the article you'd like to pin. You'll be forwarded to the article in full text view. On the right side you'll find a "more" icon (the icon with the three dots). Click it and you'll see the option to pin this article.

2. Use a default Collection

In case you'd like to highlight more than one article, you can do the following:

1. Create a Collection and then add all the articles you want to highlight to this collection.

2. Now you can turn the collection you've just created into your default collection. This means the collection will be displayed by default to anybody visiting your Authory page. They won't see your entire article feed, but the default collection instead.

Please note that the other articles in your account won't be completely hidden to visitors. They can still see them if they click on the "All articles" collection.

If you'd like to hide articles completely from being seen by anybody but you, then you can do that via the Article Visibility settings.

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