On your Authory page, your readers can sign up to get automatically notified whenever you publish a new article. It works like a daily or weekly digest. This lets you build a following for you or your brand with ZERO effort! You won’t have to deal with email marketing software or sending weekly emails - Authory does all this for you so that you can focus on one thing that counts: creating amazing content.

In essence, with Authory your readers become your personal email subscribers, your very own followers. Regardless of where you currently write or will write in the future, your subscribers will tag along. You'll take your readers with you, wherever you go.

Authory doesn't just send your subscribers a beautiful newsletter about your new content, but also gives you access to their emails and enables you to understand which subscribers are very loyal, what the opening and click rates are and how your subscriber growth develops over time.

To access all this, click "Newsletter" in the sidebar menu:

The Newsletter section contains four key areas:

1. Next Newsletter

The "Next Newsletter" tab will be selected by default when you click on "Newsletter". Here you'll find details as to when the next issue will be sent to your subscribers. Even more importantly, you can see a live preview of what this newsletter will look like exactly.

What we call "newsletter" is a sleek email digest containing thumbnails of your articles, the headlines, short text snippets and direct links to the original articles at the source publication. In other words, your subscribers won't be forwarded to Authory page but sent directly to the respective publication if they click a link in your newsletter.

The email itself will look to your subscribers as if it came straight from you: Your name is in the sender field and your entire newsletter is designed to look just as beautiful and personal as your Authory page does. It's you and your brand that are important here, and that's why the only mentioning of Authory is in the footer of your newsletter (that's for legal reasons).

Depending on your Settings, your newsletter will either be sent every day and contains all articles you've published in the previous 24h, or it'll be sent every week and contains all articles published in the previous 7 days.

2. Subscribers

On your "Subscribers" page you'll find the most important metric of your newsletter: the current count of your subscribers. Below that is a chart showing you how your subscriber base has grown over time.

You can get new subscribers by directing readers to your Authory page where they can subscribe to you with a single click.

However, you can also add subscribers manually anytime. That's what the box "Add subscribers" is for. You can copy&paste single emails here, or a list with many emails at once. Simply divide them with a comma then.

Below the headline "Your subscribers" is a list with all the emails of your subscribers (for privacy reasons the emails have been blurred out in the screenshot below). You can see who subscribed when and, even more importantly, how loyal they are. We calculate loyalty as a percentage that indicates the proportion of emails received that the individual subscriber has opened. Example: One of your subscribers has received 10 of your email newsletters so far and opened 8 of them. They'll have a loyalty rating of 80%. You can even sort your subscribers by loyalty in case you want to personal reach out to your die-hard fans :)

Of course you can download your subscribers anytime to your local computer, too. Just hit "Download as CSV" for that. It's important to note that legally speaking, your subscribers are 100% yours. We send them your email newsletters on your behalf, but you can download them anytime and move to any other service whenever you like. You are not locked in at all with the subscribers that you receive via Authory.

3. Analytics

Authory tracks opens and clicks for each newsletter that's sent on your behalf. You'll find the details on your "Analytics" page. You can sort the newsletters on this page not only by date but also by highest opening and click rate. That way it's easy to see which content has performed best with your subscribers in the past.

4. Settings

On the Settings page you can select whether your subscribers should receive a daily digest (containing all your articles published in the previous 24h) or a weekly digest (containing all your articles published in the previous 7 days).
You can also customize at what time the digest should arrive in your subscribers' inboxes and, for the weekly digest, on what day.

Under "General Settings" you have the option to change:

  • Sender name: That's the name your subscribers will see when the email arrives in their inbox

  • Newsletter name: Appears in the header of your newsletter. By default that's "First name Last name's Digest". You can change it here.

  • One-line description: Appears below the newsletter name in your newsletter. By default it's "Here are my latest articles for you".

  • Forward replies: If checked, any reply by one of your subscribers will be forwarded directly to your email inbox. Please note that we never make your personal email address available to any subscribers. Their reply will simply be forwarded by us to your address, without the sender knowing what that address is.

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