The Visibility settings allow you to determine how visitors of your public Authory page will see your articles (more on the difference between public and private Authory page).

Simply put: While you as the owner of your Authory account will see all your articles in full text (no matter what happens to the original), you can adjust what visitors of your Authory page will see.

There are three visibility modes:

  1. Preview: This is the default visibility for all articles. It means that the respective article will be visible as a preview with headline on your Authory page. When clicking the headline, the visitor of your Authory page will be forwarded to the original article at the original source publication.

  2. Public: If you decide to set an article to public, then the visitor of your Authory page will be able to read the respective article in full on Authory. They will not be forwarded to the original publication. This visibility makes a lot of sense if the original article isn't available anymore.

  3. Private: Setting the visibility of an article to private will hide it entirely from anybody visiting your Authory page. They will not even see a preview.

Please note:

Tip: If you want to share an article with somebody else but don't want to change the visibility for anybody else, use the Share Link.

In order to change the visibility of an article, you have two different options:

1. Change visibility for entire publications

In your Source settings, you can change the visibility for each publication individually. Doing this affects the visibility of all articles that come from this source and it applies to all future articles from this source as well.

2. Change visibility of an individual article

Regardless of what the Visibility settings are for the entire publication, you can set them for any article individually, too.

Go to the article full text view by clicking the headline of the respective article. Then select the Visibility dropdown. Changing the visibility settings here overwrites whatever the visibility settings of the respective publication are:

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