Email subscribers on Authory are a perfect way for you to take control of your audience and take it with you wherever you go.

One of the best methods to continuously get new email subscribers is as simple as it's effective: Pin tweet with a link to your Authory page to the top of your Twitter profile. That way, anybody that comes across your Twitter account will immediately see that they can follow your new articles via email. And because you can customize how the pinned tweet will look like, it's proven to work extremely well in attracting new email subscribers.

In the following you'll find details how to (1) pin a tweet and (b) customize the preview in the tweet.

1. Pin a tweet

Start by composing a tweet (eg. "Like my articles? Here is the perfect way to stay updated") and add your Authory profile URL to this tweet:

Once you've sent the tweet, it will look like this in your timeline:

The link preview is the default one. We'll get to that in a minute.

First you need to pin the tweet to the top of your timeline. That way your link to your Authory page will be visible to anyone visiting your Twitter page.

Simply click the down arrow on the right next to your tweet and select "Pin to your profile page":

Great, a link to your Authory page is now visible for everyone at the top of your Twitter profile. Now comes the second step:

2. Customize the preview card

To make the tweet really stand out and get your readers' attention, you can customize the preview image, the link title and the link description:

Simply go to "Link Preview for Socia Media" settings in your Authory account. There you can change the default image, link title and description:

The result is a pinned tweet that looks great and turns your Twitter followers into loyal email subscribers. Try it for yourself!

Btw, once you've changed the social media settings your custom link preview will also be visible whenever you post a link to your Authory page on Twitter or LinkedIn. Two more reasons to make the link preview fully your own!

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