Yes, you have a general RSS feed and as many custom ones as you like.

1. General RSS feed

You have one general RSS feed that shows the ten most recent articles from your Authory page. The feed consists of the article headline, plus a short snippet and link, not the full article text of course.

You'll find it at, e.g.

The feed is not branded and always links directly to the original article. We are trying to make it as convenient as possible for you and your readers.

2. Custom RSS feeds

In addition to the general RSS feed, you can turn any collection, source or search on your Authory page into a custom RSS feed.

Simply add the "/rss" to the URL as outlined in the example for the user below:

URL of your collection:

RSS feed of your collection:

URL of your source:

RSS feed of your source:

URL of your search:

RSS feed of your search:

3. What to do with your RSS feeds

With your RSS feed you can use the benefit that Authory combines all your articles in one single place in many different ways:

  • Create a widget for your personal blog or homepage with one of the many RSS widget services around (eg. Feedwind).

  • Use RSS recipes from IFTTT or Zapier: Both services offer many ways of integrating your RSS feed with other apps, eg. automatically post links to your new articles to Twitter, Facebook or Slack.

  • Let your friends who use RSS readers like Feedly know they can now follow you via RSS too.

  • Use your feed like an API: An RSS feed linking to your most recent content is like your personal API. You can create your own application that connects directly to your RSS feed.

Yes! You'll find it at, e.g.

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