our public Authory page is accessible by anybody and available at authory.com/FirstnameLastname. It only displays snippets of your articles together with links to the original article pages. Hence, it’s not possible for anyone to access full text articles on your public Authory page. 

Also, on your public Authory page anybody that is interested in staying up-to-date on your writings can subscribe to receive email notifications about your new articles with a single click. Regardless of where you publish in the future, your subscribers will always follow you.

Your private Authory page is accessible only by you after you have logged in. In addition to the article snippets and links to the original source page, you’ll also find all articles as full text backups. No more 404 errors, no more “this page has moved”, whatever happens to the original article page, we've got your back with a permanent full text copy including all images. And in addition, you can easily browse, search and filter your entire article repository, regardless of where the articles were published.

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