On your public Authory page, people can subscribe to your profile via email with a single click. No registration required.

(Btw, you won't be able to see the option to subscribe on your profile when you are logged in. You need to log out to see it like your readers do.)

Subscribing via email has an immediate benefit for your readers: They'll be reliably notified about your new articles! So the value is there. It's up to you to spread the word. Here are some ideas:

1. Post on social networks

Letting your followers on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn know how they can easily follow your new articles goes a long way. Ideally, you let them know about Authory at regular intervals, eg. once per week. We recommend mentioning the main benefit of becoming an email subscriber, e.g. "You can now follow all my new articles, regardless of where they are published: authory.com/FirstnameLastname"

2. Link your Authory page from your social network profile

That's an easy one, yet it's very effective: Link your Authory page from your Twitter, FB and LinkedIn profile. Anybody who wants to find more information about you will then be directed to your Authory page. Not only will she find all of your articles there, but will also get the chance to become an email subscriber with a single click.

3. Import subscribers

Say you already have a list of people that you (sometimes) send your new articles to. Or maybe you've tried your hand at creating a curated newsletter in the past and still have some emails from that.

We can import these existing subscribers for you, free of charge. Once imported to Authory, all these people will be reliably notified about your new articles.

Simply let me know if this is of interest to you and I'll tell you how it works: [email protected].

4. One-off mail to your entire address book

It's fair to say that people you personally know are a very good starting point to build up email subscribers. That's why a one-off email to your entire address book is very effective. Simply let them know that they can sign up on your Authory page and from then on always be reliably notified about your new articles. You'll be surprised how many recipients will take up this offer :)

Please remember to add the contacts in the BCC field because you probably don't want recipients to see the email addresses of everybody else.

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