You have one single Authory page available at Depending on whether you visit it while being logged in to Authory or not, you'll either see the private version (logged in) or the public version (logged out).


1. Private Authory page

When you are logged in and go to your Authory page (, you'll see the private version of your Authory page: 

What's most important about your private Authory page:

  • Regardless of whether an article has been set to private or public, when you are logged in, you can always read it in full text on Authory. And regardless of what happens to the original article, you'll always find the backed up version here.

2. Public Authory page

When anybody else goes to your Authory page (or when you are not logged in), they'll see your public Authory page. It will look similar to your private Authory page:

However, there are a few major differences:

  • Private articles: If a visitor clicks on a link to a private article, they'll be forwarded to the original article at the original article source publication. 
  • Public articles: If a visitor clicks on a link to a public article, they can read the article in full on Authory (but won't get social media stats), just like you can read all articles when you are logged in. More on the differences between public and private articles here.
  • On your public Authory page you can see the "Follow via email" window. That's (naturally) only visible to visitors who are not logged in and might want to follow your new pieces via email.
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