The Article Mode allows you to determine the visibility of your articles for visitors of your public Authory page. 

You can switch an article's mode by clicking the "Edit" button that you see after clicking on an article headline in your account. Please note this is currently only possible from a desktop device/computer, not from your smartphone.

1. Private mode

  • Articles in private mode will appear on your public Authory page with a headline and text snippet only. If a visitor clicks on the headline, they'll be forwarded to the original article at the original source publication. 
  • This also means that if the article isn't existing at the original source anymore, your visitors can't read them.
  • All articles imported from other sources are by default set to private. 
  • If you send someone a direct link to an article on Authory that has been set to private, they'll see a page like this ( Please set an article to public before you send a direct link.

You can switch articles from private to public mode anytime, hereby allowing your visitors to read your articles in full on Authory, even if the article isn't available anymore at its original source.

2. Public mode

  • Articles in Public mode appear on your Authory page just like Private articles do. However, if a visitor clicks the headline they'll be able to read the article in full text on Authory.
  • If you send somebody a direct link to one of your articles on Authory that's been set to public, they can read it just like you can read this one:
  • All articles written on Authory are by default set to public. However, you can also set articles that have been imported from another source to public, thus making them available to read on Authory.
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